[Video]Diversity Rhetoric as Healing or Hurting? Decolonial Politics, Self-Care, and Structural Change in a 'Post-Racial' Era

I gave a talk at Occidental College  Sept 30 2013, 430-6pm. It was called Diversity Rhetoric as Healing or Hurting? Decolonial Politics, Self-Care, and Structural Change in a ‘Post-Racial’ Era. I video recorded it and it’s been uploaded to this blog in 3 segments (see below). There is a suggested reading list at the end of this blog.

Part I

Part II

Part III


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5 thoughts on “[Video]Diversity Rhetoric as Healing or Hurting? Decolonial Politics, Self-Care, and Structural Change in a 'Post-Racial' Era

  1. Excellent video. Loved hearing your background information and really enjoyed your natural speaking style. Like bell hooks, you are also saving some people or making us more conscious/aware. Thank You Dr. Breeze. You are appreciated


  2. I wonder if there’s a volunteer out there who could transcribe all your awesome videos? I often can’t sort out the audio – I know, I should start transcribing the ones I do watch 🙂

    1. I’ve asked for volunteer help several times, but I know it’s very time consuming, so that is probably why no one would want to do it for free. One person transcribed my talked about anti-vivisection about two years ago, which was very generous… but, that was the last time it was offered for free.

  3. I have shared this link on my course’s private Facebook page. The class is Privilege: Race, class, gender, and nation. We discuss institutionalized racism, heterosexism, sexism, and other “isms” as well as systematic oppression. Food has yet to be brought into the discussion, and I hope that including your talk will be a catalyst to starting the dialogue.

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