3 thoughts on “"Never Be Silent": On Trayvon Martin, PETA, and the Packaging of Neoliberal Whiteness

  1. If anything has PETA in it at all, I automatically assume racist intent. Actual intent. None of this supposed “edgy subversive” crap. In my opinion, PETA’s entire history proves that they are nothing but cowardly supremacists of all sorts who use the idea of battered & abused animals to make money. Much like, I suppose, white culture’s long history of using varying images of black and brown folks to make money for different industrial complexes. And both of these entities will deny their intent to your face while you give concrete examples of their actions.

  2. I did my time with the white left and learned that they are not interested in justice for all. They have made a big mess all over the world and want everyone else to ration and clean up the mess they created. I get real tired of them picking on small groups of Indigenoues folk like the ones up in Washington who about one in five year harvest of a whale their traditional food to sustain their people.

    Not everyone is vegan or will become a vegan and browbeating them with racist ads isn’t helping.

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