Sandy Hook, Santa Claus, and Rudolph: Crunk Feminist Speak

This is exactly how I feel and instead of blogging about it, I decided to repost the brilliance that is the Crunk Feminist Collective. I have the same sentiment about Sandy Hook and how Santa Claus is fed to children, here in the USA. I have been very frustrated about how the use of Santa Claus obscures where toys and other gifts REALLY come from, most of the time (exploited laborers, many times enslaved children that harvest cocoa to make ‘cheerful’ holiday chocolate treats for children in the USA. )

There is so much violence that children NOT living in a white USA suburb also experience, but it is masked under neoliberalism and globalized white supremacist capitalism. Thank you Crunk Feminist Collective for speaking truth to power!

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  1. Resonating, and realizing that generational continuity is not easily altered. So, educate, accept, wait, and move along.

    I sent my overly privileged grandchildren cards that acknowledged contributions to WorldVision: natural seeds and fruit trees.

    Peace in All That Is,

  2. I know you have German in-laws , and Germany is famous for their Christmas extravaganzas, and am wondering how, and if when, you address these concerns as well with your own family. On another note, do you address w/your husband the legacy of Nazi Germany and the role of his family played (complicit or active) during that era ? Will you w/your own kids when they ask about their family history? Their family’s involvement in the violence of WWII is as much a legacy as is that of African American resistance. These are serious q’s I’m asking, I am not being obnoxious. I know you take this stuff seriously and am wondering what you think about it.

  3. “There is so much violence that children NOT living in a white USA suburb also experience”

    What are you trying to imply here? That only urban kids experience violence, and suburban kids never experience violence? I’m curious about your notions regarding urban versus suburban. Explain yourself.

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