‘Demonic’ Manhattan Nannies, the ‘Other’ Mom’s Worse Fear, and The ‘Violence’ that Violence Produced

Breeze Harper

Below is an opinion piece that I wrote for Frugivore and was just published this morning: http://frugivoremag.com/2012/11/demonic-manhattan-nannies-the-other-moms-worse-fear-and-the-violence-that-violence-produced/ .

It is my response to the author of the Nanny Diaries and her perspective on the nanny who killed the two young children in Manhattan.  FYI: I didn’t select that image; the editor does that.

I can’t repost it on my blog since it was freelance gig, but if you enjoy what you read, please comment on Frugivore and not here. I would really appreciate it.

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