“Food is Power,” Critical Consumption Pedagogies, and Resisting Landscapes of Vegan Coloniality

I am trying to move forward with my scholarship and career as a critical race feminist involved in cultural food studies. As I type this, I am taking a five minute break away from my dissertation work, which is going quite well.

I enjoy the dissertation work that I am doing, but I have also enjoyed helping a lot of people over the last 6 years of the Sistah Vegan project. From helping pregnant women figure out how to achieve a vegan pregnancy, to discussing how to engage in anti-racist food justice, to having private email exchanges with fans about how to eat to help with digestive health, I have enjoyed it all. However, I do this work for free and it takes a lot of time and hours. Unfortunately, I simply don’t have enough money to cover my basic needs, including tuition. If my work has helped you out over the past few years and/or you would like to see me finish my dissertation work (and receive a copy of the completed manuscript), I am asking for a a monetary donation to help me register for school by September 15 2012. I accept paypal donations to the email address breezeharper (at) gmail (cot) com. My tuition bill is due September 15, 2012, I am seeking $2655 in donations to cover the bill. Thank you for support 🙂

Below is what the tentative table of contents looks like. I am aiming to be done by the end of this year. If you are excited about what you see below and would like to help me finish, I would appreciate it very much.

On Being and Not Being the Wretched of the Earth:

Critical Race Feminist and World Systems Analysis of Vegan Spaces

Chapter One: Introduction

Methods, Methodologies

Race and Ethnicity

And Overview of Veganism in the USA

Short Genealogy of Veganism and Neglect of Racial Analysis

Chapter Summaries

Chapter Two: Afrocentrism, vegan methodology of the racially oppressed, and revolutionary black feminism   49

Racialized Socio-spatial epistemology……. 49

Sacred Woman….. 62

The Space of the Womb: Building a Black Vegan Future…………….. 67

Decolonizing the Kitchen, Decolonizing the Womb…….. 73

Chapter Three: PETA: From Vegan Consciousness to Vegan Commodity……. 101

PETA, Trayvon Martin, and Illusion of Transparency[retitle]………… 103

Racial Neoliberalism and  PETA’s “Never Be Silent” 2012 Campaign…………… 108

PETA Approved: Getting your vegan chocolate “fix” through child slavery………………………………………………. 122

Neoliberal whiteness as Vegan Consumer Activism….. 128

Chapter Four: Food Empowerment Project, Racialized Uneven Development, and the Underside of Veganized Modernity       142

[Racialized] Uneven Development and the Production of Veganized Space…….. 143

Food Justice Beyond a Single [Vegan] Issue………… 146

“Food is Power,” Critical Consumption Pedagogies, and Resisting Landscapes of Vegan Coloniality…….. 151

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